“There have got to be others who can relate!”


“I just can’t seem to shut my mind off! I’m so tired, but I just can’t fall asleep.” Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you yourself have said this a time or two. Perhaps it’s something you find yourself saying EVERY NIGHT, or perhaps this battle belongs to your spouse or significant other.

Most nights I find myself battling the thoughts in my mind. I tend to be a night owl by nature, which I enjoy. However, on nights that I need to be in bed/asleep by a certain hour to be able to get enough sleep or just SLEEP in general in order to be a functional human being at work the next day…. this is a REAL STRUGGLE!

I’m not sure about you, but when said nights happen, there is usually a list of things that are going through my mind and it is the major cause for said nights. This is especially true for women. Now, men…. don’t go gettin’ your panties all tied in a wad! I did not say that it doesn’t happen to men, because I know that it does. I simply said that it is especially true for women.

Women, (at least most of the women I know) tend to constantly be making lists. We make lists in our heads and lists on paper. We make grocery lists, lists of things to do, lists of house chores, weekly dinner lists, lists of work tasks, honey-do lists, etc. For myself personally, I am constantly making lists. Heck! Even my lists have lists! If you chuckled, it’s because it’s very true! Most importantly… IT’S RELATABLE! I mention the above to show a “Shared experience.”

As humans, we face many different things on a daily basis. Sometimes they are an obvious “shared experience” and other times, they aren’t experiences that are so “obviously shared.” Thus, the birth of the UndermindedMe blog. While yes, I am a woman blogger and there will be many relatable blogs pinned more towards women, I feel that men can also relate, if not, perhaps simply gain more insight into the mind of a woman. I welcome all who care to take the time to read my blogs!

UndermindedMe will be a brutally honest outlet. A way to hopefully connect with others. (Especially women, being that I am a woman myself) A blog site that can tackle the hard-to-talk-about topics such as sex, depression, marriage, heartbreak, in-laws, self-esteem issues, etc. Many times in my life, especially recently, I have found myself wanting to talk about such things, but for some reason it seems taboo or the situations, “…are just things that we don’t talk about out loud or share with others.” Trust me, I believe in not putting EVERYTHING out there, but at the same time, there are times in life where it is easy to feel alone or feel as if you are the only one going through something.

I hope this blog and future blogs will be relatable to others. I can’t promise to always have proper grammar, or that I won’t have a few misspelt words. Heck! I can’t even promise you that every word will actually be a word! However, I can promise to be as real and as open as possible. I hope to be able to connect with readers and share stories and experiences. After all, when I face the things that life throws my way, especially the things that make me feel alone… “THERE HAVE GOT TO BE OTHERS WHO CAN RELATE!”

Much Love,


As a new blogger, I’d love to know if this blog or future blogs were relatable to you or not. If so, how? Please feel free to leave comments. Thank you!


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